A couple of days in Kos

How you can fill in your days in Kos, Greece.


Hello everyone,

In my last blog I told you guys that I would post a new blog about Kos at the end of June. I didn’t make the end of June but the 17th of July. Sorry for the wait!

Today I am going to tell you about my 4 day trip in Greece. I went with my sister. I think travelling alone might be better because you can do what you want, when you want.

We booked our flight, hotel, and transfer at Vakantiediscounter (Vacationdiscounter). It wasn’t expensive. It was € 130,- per person for the hotel, flight and transfer! We stayed at Paritsa Hotel. The hotel had no swimming pool. We were okay with that because the beach was 4 minutes away from us. The location was very good. We already went in Kos in April so we already had an idea in what neigbourhood the hotel was. 4 minutes away from the beach, 10 seconds away from shops, about 8 minutes away from Kos City (walking). Food and lounges were also 4 minutes away from us. The clubs were at Kos City.

The first day

We had the bad luck that our flight was almost 8 hours delayed. Which means the first day we couldn’t do much when we arrived. So the first night when we arrived we just walked a bit in Kos.

The Second day

The second day we did much more luckily. I started with a drink at Jacksons. After that I went shopping. I saw a really nice blue dress hanging at a store on the mannequin so i tried it and it looked really nice. The woman who worked there said that it was handmaded and the last one, so ofcourse I bought it 🙂 When I walked in the street I also saw some nice hats. So I tried many but I have a big head. In the end I found one! After that we went eating at our favourite place in Kos, Agkyra Fish Restaurant. I really recommend this place to you guys! The food is delicious, you have a view at the sea and the people there are really genuine!

In the afternoon we went back to Jacksons. Jacksons is a really cozy beach bar. We had many drinks there, went in the sea and enjoyed the music and the sun. The staff there were all nice.

We also went to Kos City to buy some stuff for us but also gifts for our family. Kos has many jewelry stores that are really nice. So we bought some jewelry for the family and for us.

In the evening we went to Kos City for a night out so we were all dressed up. We couldn’t even choose where we would have a drink because all the staff of clubs will run to you so that you come to their club. You will think that they cannot persuade you. Guess again, they absolutely can. The first girl who came and talk to us was like: ‘This is the best place with good music and the second cocktail was for free’. An other dude also came but did not persuade us. So we had our 2 Blue cocktails from the first girl.

After the cocktails the real party started. We went to another club in the same street. The music there was so good that I couldn’t stop dancing 🙂

The third day

The third day we went on a boattrip almost the whole day. We did the 3 Island boattrip from Odyssey. This boattrip was so much fun I really enjoyed it. Not too many people on the boat which is good. I really need my space. It wasn’t expensive at all. For what you get, the 3 Islands, the food and the dolphins is isn’t expensive. We stopped at all 3 islands and than you have some free time to see the Island or to go swimming. The staff of the boat were all so nice and fun. On the boat there was music, so at the end the staff started dancing. If you are going to Kos I will really recommend this boattrip. You definitely will not regret it.

When we came back from the boattrip it was late in the afternoon. We first did some shopping. After that we went eating. I really love italian food like pasta. But this time we didn’t go to our favourite restaurant. We went to one in Kos City against a shop with the name Amsterdam in it. It looked very good. As always I ordered my fish spaghetti. My sister ordered gyros. I did not make a picture of my food. I found the spaghetti not so good. It wasn’t grose or something but just not as good as our restaurant where we always go to. The difference between those two is that my standard restaurant is specialized in fish and this restaurant wasn’t. The only thing what really scared me there was the mussels in my spaghetti. Not because they didn’t look good but there were pieces from the shell from the mussel in my FOOD. So I swallowed a big piece through my throat and it really hurted. I couldn’t speak without pain. The morning after it was away but you all can understand that I was shocked. I will eat there again but no more fish there… You might think that you could see the pieces in the spaghetti but you couldn’t because of the sauce of the spaghetti.

In the evening we went to a fish spa in Kos City. It really tickled but after the fish spa my feet were really smooth:)

The last day

The last day we didn’t have much time because our transfer came early in the afternoon. The only thing that we did was buying some more gifts, eating at Agkyra Restaurant and we had a drink at Jacksons. We wanted to go to Zia but there was no more time left.

How did I experienced it?

I really love Kos. It isn’t a big city but it is good if you need some rest for a couple of days. I would not recommend to stay for like 2 weeks, because after one week you have seen it all. The only thing that really bothered me compared to when we went in april is that there suddenly were so much tramps. In April we saw none and in June everyone is a tramp. Ofcourse I did not believe it. They only do it because there are many tourists there right now and that is easy money to make. I also did not like that there were a lot of dutch people there. I am dutch but if I go on vacation I don’t want to see so much dutch people. It feels like you are on vacation in your own land. Ofcourse I understand it because Greece is a really popular destination and cheap.

Tips & Tops

I would like to have feedback from you guys. What did you like? And what can I do better? If you see English which is not correct just tell me. My first language is Dutch and I am doing my blog in English because I want to improve it.

P.S. All the pictures & videos were made by myself!



My 4 day adventure in Kos

A summary of my city trip in Kos and kalymos.

Today I am going to do a little throwback to my city trip in Kos. I went to Kos (Greece) 2 months ago with my sister and niece. We went in low season which means there wasn’t a lot to do yet. But it also meant that it wasn’t full with tourists yet!


We went with the airplane from Amsterdam Schiphol to Kos Airport. It was 3,5 hours travelling. We had booked our vacation via Vakantiediscounter (vacationdiscounter). This is a site where you can book vacations with flight, transfer and a hotel at once. The flight was with Transavia and the hotel we were sleeping at was Maritina Hotel. I really loved the hotel. The employees were nice, the breakfast was delicious, the location was at the middle of the center and last but not least the roof terrace had a swimming pool. The view at the roof terrace was insane.

Maritina Hotel Kos

The first day we went shopping. Kos has many boutiques with clothes and shoes you will not find anywhere else. The clothes were really affordable and the people were all so genuine. If you like fake brand bags there are also some shops there who sell them.

That same day we went eating at Agkyra Fish Restaurant. The food was so delicious there and also affordable. The owners of the restaurant were very nice. We had cheescake from the house 2 times. The location of the restaurant was right at the beach. I really loved it. One thing about Kos that is important to know that there are many street cats there. So if you are not a cat lover it might not be the place for you. I don’t like cats and dogs so I struggled a little bit there. But after all the cats I have seen there I am still going back this month!

The next day we were going to the beach. The beach is my favourite place to be. Just relaxing, walking in the water, the sand. It was very peacefull. You know why?  It was Easter there. We didn’t know that Easter was a week later there. So that day there weren’t many people outside. We rented a biceycle there. It was € 4,- for one bike the whole day!! We enjoyed it. In the evening we went eating at Baltic Beach Bar. This is a coloufull bar which also made food. The owner there was sweet. He made a photo of us all and he also spoke a little bit Dutch. At the end we saw his 2 parrots and gave us a shot from the house.

At the beach

The last day it was ‘Good Friday’. That day we went with the boat to another island named Kalymnos. It wasn’t a real big Island but it was definitely beautiful. It was very busy there. They celebrate Good Friday there with fireworks. Really loud Fireworks! We were a little bit scared at first of the sound. We quick ate something there and we saw the whole Island. We walked a lot there. Unlike Kos, Kalymnos hadn’t had much stores. After one day you have seen the whole island because it is not that big. In the evening we went eating again at Agkyra Fish Hotel.


The last day of my four day trip wasn’t spectacular because my transfer picked me up at 9 o clock in the morning. So the only thing I did there that day was having breakfast!

How did I experienced it?

I really liked it there despite of all the cats I enjoyed it. The only thing that was a little bit annoying is that people stared at us the whole time. A boy that I had a date with said it was because they usually don’t see much black people. I hope that this month when we go in high season that there will be less staring. But I will let you guys know at the end of june.

Tips & Tops

I would like to have feedback from you guys. What did you like ?and what can I do better?  If you see english which is not correct just tell me. My first language is Dutch and I am doing my blog in English because I want to improve it.

P.S. All the pictures were made by myself!



Travelling alone in Brussel

Hello everyone!First I am going to introduce myself. My name is Elignor and I am from The Netherlands. I am a 20 year old student and right now I am in my exam year of Junior Assistent-accountant. After this study I am going to study for Assistent-Accountant. I like travelling, shopping, cooking, reading and trying out new things.

My blog will be out my travelling experiences. I’ve decided that I want to do citytrips on my own. Why not with other people? I think it is important to learn that you can survive anywhere without people. It’s also less stressfull because you can do what you want, whenever you want!

2 Days in Brussel all on my own

Last week I went to Brussel on my own. I went with the Flixbus. Flixbus is a bus company that drives to lots of cities at multiple times. It is very handy if you want to go somewhere for a good price. The price I paid from Eindhoven to Brussel and back was 20 euro. A real bargain! I also booked a hostel via booking.com. I slept in Urban City Centre Hostel in Brussel. This was my first time in a hostel. I usually don’t go to hostels because I always thought it would be dirty but it wasn’t all. I had 5 roommates and they were all nice. A hostel is also a good place to meet new people & it’s cheap!

When I arrived at the hostel. I went straight to the city. I walked to the city because it was a 5-10 minute walk. The first thing I did was visiting a church. The name of the church was ‘Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van goede Bijstandskerk’. The church was against a bar in the city. I went in there and it was small but beautifull. After that I went to the grand market. This was a huge square with historic buildings. At the square everyone was taking pictures. I also saw Mannekenpis. I went to another church a bigger one also in the city. The name of this church was ‘ Kathedraal van Sint- Michiel en Sint – Goedele’. This one was beautifull. The ideal thing about Brussel is that you do not have to go somewhere far to see some history.Churchimg_5133img_5138

After that I got hungry and bought a waffle at The Waffle Company. It was delightful but I had a little error in my head because I didn’t know how to eat it.

In the afternoon I went to Bois de la Cambre. This is a huge park. It was very soothing. It’s really a great place for a picknick, sport activities, a long walk and many more. How did i go there? Easy! I have the app google maps and my location on. Just type in where you want to go and it shows how you can get there. A small tip take a back-up charger with you! I had to charge my phone a lot during the day! I also had my tripod & selfie-me with me so that I could take pictures of myself.img_5232

After the park I took the tram back to the city to find me somewhere to eat. I had a note with me with places I wanted to see. I did this via Tripadvisor. But I forgot to check out the places where I could have a nice dinner. So I just stepped in a Italian restaurant and the food was delicious.Unfortunately I forgot the name of the restaurant. It wasn’t even weird to eat alone it was really comfortable.

Last but not least I went to a cocktailbar.The cocktailbar’s name was ‘Life is Beautiful-Cocktail Bar. I really enjoyed the ambiance there and the drinks.

The second day was a short day because I had to take the bus back to the Netherlands in the afternoon. I went to the city (Rogier) to shop some more and buy my family chocolate.

How did I experienced it?

I really love Brussel. The people, the food, the history. Everything! I made a lot of friends not only at the hostel but also in the park, at the cocktailbar and in the city. It was a short but educational journey for me and I will do it again! The only thing that I couldn’t do was going to the Atomium and Mini-Europe because I run out of time.

Tips & tops

It is my first time that I wrote a whole story in English so if you see something that isn’t correct just tell me please. Did you like it? What did you like and what could have been better?

P.S. All the pictures were made by myself!